The CureMetrix Goal:

Clinical Efficiency

Bringing Clarity to the Gray Areas in Mammography

The CureMetrix team is developing our image analysis platform to assist radiologists in clearly identifying BI-RAD 1 and 2 and BI-RAD 4 and 5 with speed and accuracy. In doing so, we are working to ensure that radiologists will be able to identify and focus on the tougher cases first. Moreover, our goal is to evolve the CureMetrix algorithm to accurately classify BI-RAD 3 as a 1-2 or 4-5, with the goal of eliminating the question mark of the borderline diagnosis.

The CureMetrix Goal

We seek to develop technology that will identify and classify the most suspicious anomalies and discard the verifiably benign ones, which may help radiologists improve their triage process and focus where it matters most.

CureMetrix Solutions