The CureMetrix Goal:

Reduced Recall Rate

Lower Recall Rates Could Benefit Patients And Providers

Reducing the need for follow-up imaging and diagnostically invasive procedures due to false positive mammography could be a game-changer. For patients and their families, attaining this goal has great potential to reduce anxiety and uncertainty about their health.

Reducing unnecessary procedures would also free physicians, radiologists, mammography technicians and other healthcare providers to focus on the toughest cases first. Enabling healthcare resources to be put where they are needed most has the potential to improve clinical efficacy, operational efficiency and financial performance.

Additionally, recent research indicates that false-positive recalls result in $4 billion spent every year in the U.S. The potential to redirect these dollars through cost savings could release tremendous value and enable providers to continue to provide high quality care in an increasingly restrictive reimbursement environment.

The CureMetrix Goal

Results from preliminary studies across thousands of images suggest that our algorithm can reduce false positive rates that lead to unnecessary follow-up procedures and undue anxiety among patients.

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