The CureMetrix Goal:

Track Treatment Response Over Time

Developing A “Breast Health Score” To Track Treatment Response and Disease Progression

At CureMetrix, we believe current tools to track the growth rate of breast cancer have limited usefulness and tend to be unreliable.

By partnering with oncologists, our proprietary algorithm has the potential to track a lesion’s growth or reduction throughout the breast cancer treatment cycle. CureMetrix is developing a unique, data-driven “breast health score” for every image to help physicians establish a clear baseline and objectively track disease progression or treatment response from mammogram to mammogram. Successful development of this breakthrough technology could provide radiologists with the information they need to support patients and their healthcare team as they make decisions about their breast health.

The CureMetrix Goal

Our algorithm has the potential to help physicians track the rate of change of growth of lesions over time, which may enable more informed follow-up and treatment decisions.

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