X-rays & Lung Cancer

Breast Cancer and Beyond

We expect our investigational CureMetrix image analysis platform to provide the foundation that will enable us in the near future to extend our technology across modality, anatomy and disease states.

Our proprietary algorithm is designed to explore your image data, identify what attributes are relevant and discard those that aren’t. Our goal is for the algorithm’s predictive powers to improve with each new piece of data processed – regardless of whether the images and accompanying data are taken from a 2D X-ray, 3D tomosynthesis, MRI, CT, PET or ultrasound.

Because of this flexibility, we believe our powerful image analysis platform will have applications for early and accurate detection, quantification and classification of anomalies identified in images of other parts of the body. As a first step to developing validation data to support this theory, we have begun preliminary investigational testing of our platform to identify and classify lung cancer in chest X-rays.

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