Triage. Sort. Prioritize.

CureMetrix cmTriage is a workflow optimization tool that enables a radiologist to customize their mammography worklist based on cases that may need immediate attention.  Currently, viewing stations do not allow for intelligent sorting and prioritizing of cases – a radiologist can only sort based on name, date of image acquisition, time of image acquisition, etc.  With cmTriage, a radiologist can sort and prioritize cases in their worklist based on the presence of suspicious regions of interest or lack thereof found by the underlying algorithm.  This gives the radiologist the opportunity to tackle the more difficult mammograms with a heightened awareness, or perhaps to assign those cases to the specialist best suited to interpret them.

cmTriage can also be used to optimize clinical protocol and maximize a clinic’s utilization of resources. cmTriage seamlessly integrates into a radiologist’s workflow so there are no added systems to install or buttons to click.  Additionally, cmTriage allows a radiologist to read and report suspicious cases in minutes minimizing the risk of diagnostic delays.  This improved protocol can help minimize the administrative costs of recalling patients and alleviate stress and angst caused by delayed results.