Identify. Mark. Score.

cmAssist®, an investigational computer-aided detection (CAD) software that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help the radiologist identify, mark, and score regions of interest on screening and diagnostic mammograms.

cmAssist has the potential to quickly detect key regions of interest on a mammogram, and accurately quantify and classify the anomalies as suspicious or verifiably benign. cmAssist does this by searching all views of a digital 2D-mammogram for abnormal areas of density, mass or calcification and by highlighting any suspicious areas needing further analysis. Once anomalies are flagged in the system, cmAssist then marks the mammogram, highlighting  identified anomalies. The software also generates a unique, data-driven neuScore™ which provides the radiologist a quantitative measure of suspiciousness of a marked region of interest, ranging from 0 (least suspicious) to 100 (highly suspicious). This score can be tracked over time to evaluate the stability of identified anomalies.

Delivering AI-based CAD for Radiology

This AI-based CAD augments the expertise of the radiology team so they can converge on answers and arrive at a diagnosis more quickly and accurately. It has demonstrated the ability to find cancers up to six years before first detection, and help radiologists improve their detection on average 27%, without increasing recalls.1

High Sensitivity, Fewer False Positives

Optimized to display very few false positives per image at a high sensitivity, cmAssist AI-CAD delivers data that radiologists can trust. The goal is to allow physicians to focus on the most relevant data and discard irrelevant marks to help them converge on answers and arrive at a diagnosis more quickly and accurately.

In a head-to-head comparison with traditional computer aided detection (CAD) software, CureMetrix AI-driven CAD cmAssist was able to demonstrate 69% fewer false markings.2

Studies have shown cmAssist has the potential to support the radiologist with an AI mammogram for:

— Improved sensitivity

— Improved specificity

— Works across all densities

— Works across lesion sizes

— Works on mass and calcifications

Once validated, cmAssist could be used as a clinical decision support tool that will enable physicians and healthcare systems to derive key benefits:

— Catch cancers earlier

— Reduce false positives

— Reduce recall rates

— Reduce unnecessary biopsies for both mass and calcifications

cmAssist Key Features


— Cloud-based

— AWS services

— HIPAA compliant

— DICOM Compliant

— PHI Stays within facility

— Cyber Secure


— Vendor Agnostic

— No hardware installed at facility

— Installation in < 15 minutes


— Results in < 5 minutes

— Customized views

— Optimized workflow

1 Watanabe, A.T., Lim, V., Vu, H.X. et al. J Digit Imaging (2019) 32: 625.
2 Mayo, R.C., Kent, D., Sen, L.C. et al. J Digit Imaging (2019) 32: 618.

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