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Empowering Radiologists for Better Outcomes in Women’s Health

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) CureMetrix is committed to advancing technology that improves disease detection and cancer survival rates across the globe. We believe that providing radiologists with the most advanced technology to support their evaluation of mammograms will support improved clinical and financial outcomes along with increased assurance for imaging centers, hospital systems and the patients they care for.

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CureMetrix is an Best of Radiology award winner

CureMetrix and Philips Fighting Breast Cancer Together

CureMetrix® entered the ring and wins a pilot contract with Philips. You can learn more about the process and outcome of the Philips event here.


The CureMetrix Goals

Our investigational CureMetrix CAD software demonstrates its potential to:

Reduce Recall Rates

Results from preliminary studies across thousands of images suggest that our algorithm can reduce false positive rates that may lead to unnecessary follow-up procedures and undue anxiety among patients.

Increase Early Detection

We are developing powerful technology that could enable health care providers to hone in on even the most microscopic changes more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Improve Evaluation of Dense Breast Tissue

We are designing our image analysis platform to improve the evaluation of dense breasts using mammography.

Track Treatment Response Over Time

Our algorithm has the potential to help physicians track the rate of change and growth of lesions over time, which may enable more informed follow-up and treatment decisions.

Improve Clinical Efficiency

We seek to develop technology that will identify and classify the most suspicious anomalies and discard the likely benign ones, which may help radiologists improve their triage process and focus where it matters most.

Scale Up to Address Other Cancers and Beyond

The CureMetrix image analysis platform is the foundation that, when successful, will allow us to extend our technology across modality, anatomy and disease states.