Find, Score, Assess

cmAngio® An investigational Artificial
Intelligence (AI) based detection software that helps doctors assess a patient’s age-adjusted risk of heart disease.


cmAngio produces a CureMetrix Bradley Score™ based on the presence and extent of breast arterial calcifications in the mammogram. This proprietary score can then be used to help the care team assess the patient’s risk of heart disease directly from their mammogram. The Bradley Score and their associated risk of heart disease can be tracked over time to help patients and doctors understand their changing health profile.

Key Benefits

  • Identify women with a risk of coronary heart disease identified during routine breast cancer screening using mammography
  • Enable clinical protocols that allow women at risk to be seen by their primary care physicians or cardiologists
  • Help identify women who are at risk and might otherwise have gone undiagnosed until other more serious symptoms became apparent

Ultimately reduce costs in the healthcare system and potentially save lives.

American Heart Association
American Heart Association