CureMetrix Disclaimer

Information provided by CureMetrix in CureMetrix CMAudit Product is not intended for use in, nor can it (due to the anonymized and aggregated nature of the data collected) be used in, making diagnostic or treatment decisions. The data collected is only retrospective and used to analyze images for anomalies and compare results to previous results obtained through visual examination of such images by physicians in order to provide aggregate feedback. Identification of an anomaly through performance of the Audit does not constitute a clinical finding and should not be interpreted as indicating any particular diagnosis or health outcome. Customer agrees that under no circumstances will the results of the CM Audit be used in making any treatment decisions. Customer understands and agrees images will be reviewed by CureMetrix, and presented for Customer review solely on an anonymized basis; CureMetrix will not assist Customer in identifying individual patients. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Services and Deliverables have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration or any other regulatory authority, and are not intended for clinical use.