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Committed to women’s health through the advancement of AI-based technology that improves disease detection and cancer survival rates worldwide, CureMetrix wants women to be armed with information and resources needed to better navigate their health journeys. Below are four things to keep in mind with quick insights and resources to empower your better health.

1. Have you had your Screening Mammogram – first things first?

While screening mammograms are not fun, they are an important first step in early detection of breast cancer. So if you are not on schedule, make your appointment now. Generally, screening mammograms are performed for women over age 40 and for younger women with a strong family history of breast cancer. The goal of all this screening is to identify anomalies and cancer sooner – so that it can be addressed earlier for less complicated treatment, improved quality of life, and increased chances of survival.

Find out how Mammography Saves Lives

Should I Get a Mammogram Now?

2. Do you know your risk?

One in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, so knowing your family history, information about your breast density, as well as other risk factors are important to managing your health.

Get the Facts

Understanding Breast Cancer Risk

Do you have Dense Breasts, and what does that mean?

Breast Density and You

Breast Density and your Mammogram Report

Are you Dense?

3. Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help with better detection, sooner?

Just imagine if there were a way to improve the detection of early stage cancers, reduce unnecessary biopsies and office callbacks, and detect more breast cancers and heart disease using mammography. Today, there is – computer software trained with artificial intelligence (AI) that complements the clinical expertise of the radiologist (the doctor reading your mammogram).

Yes, AI, the same type of software that powers Siri, ATM check readers, and self-driving cars can help in analyzing your mammogram. Research shows that AI software can improve the accuracy of mammography readings and may lead to earlier detection of cancers, up to five years prior to diagnosis.

– How does AI work for my mammogram?  

The radiology technologist takes your mammogram and uploads your digital images, as they usually do, into the computer server. Then, using the AI-based software, your images are automatically analyzed to detect and mark abnormalities on the mammogram prior to review by the radiologist. Using AI to pre-analyze mammograms is like having a second pair of eyes to support the radiologist. The suspicion level for cancer for a given abnormality can also be numerically calculated by the AI software, based on its training using a large database of biopsy proven cases.

This pre-reading by the software, aids the radiologist in evaluating suspicious areas, which is especially helpful for women with dense breasts who have an abundance of tissue that can obscure cancers on mammograms.

– How do I get AI included as part of my mammogram?

First, work with a breast care team that is using AI based software as part of their mammography program. If your current facility has not engaged with CureMetrix AI, our team can help educate them on the benefits of an AI-empowered mammogram.

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– Can I get a second opinion with AI?

Yes.  Teleradiology groups like Doc Panel offer online Second-Opinion Mammogram reading services using CureMetrix AI.

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– Can AI help detect heart disease?

Technology is in development now that will help detect heart disease – from the same mammogram used to detect breast cancer.  Imagine, a two-for-one exam!  Start by understanding your risk of heart disease.

Know your risk factors for heart disease

4. Are there tools to keep me on track?

Yes.  Several online resources are available to keep you informed and keep you connected with women just like you.


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