CureMetrix Wins Tri-City Medical Center and Will Build Institute for Clinical Effectiveness

After a long journey working closely with Tri-City Medical Center (TCMC) doctors and staff, the TCMC board unanimously approved a CureMetrix proposal to create the Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and revolutionize digital mammography.

CureMetrix will work in partnership with TCMC and a team of vendors including AirStrip, Vivfy, and Sotera to capture both streaming and historic data and help TCMC understand the factors that are driving outcomes. This project will help TCMC address these key issues:

  1. Ensure appropriate IT infrastructure to support all research needs.
  2. Create intuitive, configurable, and dynamic dashboards that are sharable organization-wide.
  3. Deliver multiple levels of analysis spanning basic pivot tables (Descriptive Modeling) to complex protocol analysis (Predictive Modeling)
  4. Integrate clinical and financial data to understand the impact of decisions and protocols
  5. Create a culture of coordinated care and data-driven decision-making driven by a governance framework

The goal of the first phase of the initiative is focused on building the foundation upon which the Center will stand; and demonstrating early success with a few key dashboards.

With the infrastructure established, access to the data secured, and initial dashboards successfully deployed, CureMetrix can focus on more complex modeling of TCMC’s data and explore causal factors that drive outcomes and develop reliable predictions for the outcomes.

With this in hand, TCMC will be able to dig deeper into their protocols and operational processes to control and improve both clinical and financial outcomes. CureMetrix will use its proven technology and process to achieve these goals in 3 key stages: Data Exploration, Data Analytics and Solution Deployment. The foundation we are building now will enable novel research and possibly joint-development opportunities as discoveries are made.

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